USI-Tech Convention News Update 2017

USI-Tech Convention Update: New Products, New Qualifications, TechCoin Token and more!

USI-Tech Key Announcements:

Brand new re-branded back office and mobile app with MASSIVE functionality, great video tutorial content, amazing landing pages which include all the information that you would need to sign someone up reducing the risk of mis-information (I have seen these first hand and they are a massive improvement).

The 3×3 Matrix has been removed as this wasn’t at all representative of our true downlines and caused more confusion than it did good.

The commissions structure is changing (qualification). It remains on a 12 level Uni-level structure but the criteria for unlocking levels will change. No longer can you just buy a 600EUR license to unlock all 12 levels. The new structure will be based on how many people you have with 12 packages or more. The first level of commissions (10%) does not require any qualification- it is free and automatic. Having 3 directs with 12 packages or more unlocks the 2nd and 3rd level. Each additional level is unlocked with each additional direct with 12 packages or more. Token packages can also increase the compensation plan as seen on the image below:

USI-Tech Commission Plan Details
  • Only a distributor (not a customer) can earn commissions for BTC Package Commission percentages.
  • Token Commissions are dependent on the one time purchase of the Gold, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond package.
  • The Qualification of the BTC-Package Status also counts for the Token Product.
  • Dependent on the one time purchase of the packages Gold to Diamond the individual Distributor’s income for each Token Package sales will increase.
  • For Example: If a distributor purchased at least one Diamond Token Package their income for all Token Package Sales in their Downline increases to Diamond.
    This is only for Token Packages not for BTC Packages.

usi tech comp plan

Introduction of an outsourced Customer Service Department which will operate a 24/7 worldwide service inclusive of a voice capability so that we can call them in addition to raising a ticket. This will be operated by 123Employee who will have a number of dedicated employees within a number of locations and time zones globally (California, Colombia, Philippines and Europe), with one centralised number. 123Employee are in the takeover process right now. I met the CEO of 123Employee yesterday and he seems very switched on so this should be one of the biggest improvements made now that USI Tech is nearing 300k members.

Internal exchange with the functionality to buy BTC packages DIRECT through the USI dashboard at 2% with a 5,000EUR PER DAY limit, which streamlines the purchase process, something I know will be welcomed by all of us. You will still be able to buy via an external wallet and with available balance as we currently do, this just adds a 3rd purchase method option.

You will have all seen the option to purchase FOREX licenses within the ‘shop’. This has been removed and will not be on the new website at all. For anyone who already holds the licence (none of us in this group) that license will continue to be active via grandfather rights; however, going forward this will be replaced with a 50EUR Fiat Package (the same as the BTC Packages but in Euros with the same 1.4% Total ROC). As part of this there will be a 100% transparent trading page within the new website so that you can see EXACTLY what is happening on the market with your Fiat Packages (EXACTLY the same layout as GDAX mate). This will be active in 3-5 weeks time.

USI-Tech has launched its own Cryptocurrency; TechCoin (UTC). Total supply will be 1 Billion and the initial 500 Million tokens will be available to buy in the new dashboard when this goes live on 01 November. This will run on the same 50EUR packages (100 tokens per pack) / Uni-Level basis as Bitcoin currently does but with the addition of bonuses at different levels dependant on how many tokens you hold. The first 15 Million are available NOW on pre-sale following this link: This is ultimately an ICO to drive the company forward adding 10 million USD of mining infrastructure PER MONTH to the current 100M USD portfolio currently operational mining multiple cryptocurrencies. We are still waiting for the whitepaper to be released.

Breakthrough in power generation tech for cryptocurrency mining. USI-Tech will hold a power generation infrastructure based on permanent magnets which can provide 25KW of power at almost zero electricity cost. As 90% of post-hardware purchase mining costs are electricity, this MASSIVELY increases mining profits and ultimately, financial stability.

Bitcoin ATMs produced by USI-Tech (future development). Plans are in place to produce 3,000,000 ATMs worldwide where people can easily buy Bitcoin and BTC Packages with Fiat currency. BTC ATM users will need to have an account with USI-Tech and partners will be able to purchase an ATM to use at events where people can use them and immediately enroll into your downline. Like I say, future plan, BUT a great move to push the company forward and diversify their market footprint.

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